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Will ordering my own part save money?


The short answer is No...

Most repair Techs in this industry start because they break their own device. The founder of Tech Wreck began with a broken screen and ZERO technical knowledge of electronics repair. We more then know where you're coming from, we've been there.

Knowledge is only gained by making mistakes. Early in the industry we learned the hard way, the cheapest parts were not the way to keep our prices low and profits high. Instead we actually ran into more complications we could only fix by spending the extra money on better quality.

The main term you need to be familiar with is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These parts are made of higher quality components and more rigorously tested having brand names such as Apple and Samsung behind them.

These parts are made throughout the world including places like China. China makes OEM and NON-OEM parts having them online everywhere ,even in some American vendors in the US. This is why you need to be careful when buying parts online. Reading descriptions carefully and making sure the parts are being shipped out of the US are not foolproof ways to stay safe.

Online Sites such as Ebay and Amazon are very VERY hit or miss. You never know what you will get when it finally arrives in the mail. Even spending more money through these sites and other sites, you never know what your going to get. Some of the vendors will lie and bend words to get you to buy the parts, in hopes you will be discouraged and not attempt a return....

We've been through all this so you don't have to. Save yourself some time, money, and frustrations. We trust our vendors, they have been rigorously selected through trial and error. Most of them have a lifetime guarantee on their parts for piece of mind.

Regarding our labor pricing we have the lowest in the area. This being due to our store front cost non existent, passing our savings onto you. Also creating a more personal flexible experience for our customers.

Do some shopping around and increase your knowledge of the industry a bit and see we truly are the best choice for your repair.