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GUARANTEED LOWEST COST TO YOU:  If somehow you find a better price for a repair somewhere else, we will either match that price or give you a better offer.


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We will do our best on initial consultation to give you our best answer as to whats most likely going on with your device. Feel free to do what ever you like after we give you our professional opinion, ITS FREE!

The only reason we charge for diagnosis is because it takes time away from other repairs for us to figure out exactly what the issue is with your device. Just remember, we will never take advantage of you at Tech Wreck, we're here to help! You can even call/text/email us and get our opinion on any repair or device situation for FREE. Text us anytime around the clock, and we will do our very best to reply.

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Save some time and have your model/serial number ready for us. It's usually located on the back of your device or under settings - about. If you're having trouble finding this number, don't worry we'll assist you!



Why can't I purchase just the glass?

Here at Tech Wreck we like to be completely transparent for the customer (we don't like to hide anything from you). There is a few common misconceptions when people attempt buying a part (a screen specifically) on there own.

The most common misconception: Most people think you can buy just the glass but unfortunately this isn't the case. Repairing just the glass IS possible but it requires special skill and a very expensive machine.

If a repair shop were to employ this technique, each repair would take x4 as long, and would require more costly supplies (including: Octopus Glue, Metal Wire, LCD Glue Remover, and more..) ending up in a labor cost about the same as the whole screen assembly or MORE. 

This is why no repair shops in the area offer this. If you want to know more about this feel free to watch this video of some technicians performing the process I just described.

What if I want to order my own part?